The 2018 FIFA world cup has started and one thing is for sure, FIFA knows how to engage its community and customers around this worldwide event.
Let’s take a look at some of the best activations campaigns from FIFA through sponsorships with some of the biggest brands such as McDonald, Panini, WANDA, etc. These brands are used to finding innovative ways to engage their fans, and here are some reason we consider them as pioneers in terms of fan engagement.

McDonald FIFA World Cup Fantasy App

McDonald Fantasy game, gamification, fan experience

McDonald’s FIFA World cup Fantasy game

The principle was simple, you could either play on or download the app on iOS or Android. You get a budget of €100 million (rising to €105 million for the knockout phase). You buy a squad of 15 players and select 11 of them to play in each of the seven rounds. They score you points for assists, goals, saves, clean sheets and so on. You make substitutions. You make transfers.

The final prizes were very attractive: brand new Kia Sportage; one signed captain’s armband from the winning team of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™; and one copy of EA SPORTS FIFA 18 for PS4.

Panini Digital Sticker Album

Panini Digital Sticker Album FIFA World Cup 2018

Panini Digital Sticker Album

Most of you probably know the classic version of Panini sticker album as it has become a reference in terms of a fan engagement tool for the FIFA since 1970. But their digital marketing is getting bigger and FIFA has decided to embrace the challenge of creating an online version.

The Online Collection is a web application that offers to all the Panini collectors the possibility to enhance the experience of the official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Sticker Collection by accessing a new virtual way to collect stickers.

FIFA Bracket Challenge By WANDA

FIFA bracket challenge by WANDA

The FIFA World Cup™ Bracket Challenge by Wanda is a free game, where the player needs to predict the group stage standings and knockout phase winners before the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

Players can register to participate and compete for prizes, but you can also play as a “guest” in anonymous mode. Predictions had to be made before the competition up on 14 June 2018 the (“Deadline”).

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, you will earn points based on your correct predictions and have the opportunity to win prizes.

Rival Hug Competition

To participate in the Contest, each participant must post an image or video of themselves dressed in their countries’ colors either hugging, hand-shaking or changing jerseys with another fan dressed in another countries’ colors (“Rival Hug”). The participants then need to post the image on either Instagram, Twitter, VK or Weibo, either in their feed or story, accompanied by the hashtag #RivalHug.

This is a simple but very effective way to engage the football community around every game while generating a positive image of the competition and improving brand awareness.

The Ultimate Fan Engagement Experience

The “I was there” moment from Huggity. As the first goal was scored at Russia 2018 World Cup, a 360 gigapixel photo was taken! This picture allows fans to scroll, zoom, tag and share the opening match Fanpic with their friends on major Social networks!

Huggity also provided the “virtual Stadium” which allows fans who missed the event to be included and feel part of the community!

That was probably one of the best ways for FIFA to engage a global audience, activate sponsorship online, and amplify it through social networks while enhancing fan experience & increasing organic reach.