Carlsberg Join the Green Army at Euro 2012

You might remember our TIFO mosaic, this was one of our most successful activations which we created for Carlsberg and Irish fans for EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. Every Irish fan who couldn’t make the trip for the finals was encouraged to send in their message of support for the boys in green via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We combined thousands of these messages into one giant flag that fans proudly displayed with them at each Ireland match. The flag itself contained the Ireland colours and crests and on closer inspection, you could see that it was comprised of every message sent in by the fans via digital mediums. The flag got a lot of attention, fans were amplifying their individual messages whilst TV cameras were picking it up during matches.

Huggity is delighted to relaunch the TIFO Mosaic, specifically with this current climate in mind. Our technology can now allow Clubs to display a super high resolution into a virtual stadium, fans can upload their message of support and handle, which will form one part of a giant image which could be a team’s logo, country’s flag or any custom idea.

This is a fantastic way to encourage fans to interact and visit your website for an arranged digital event, Huggity can also collect all the data for your marketing activity.



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