We’re Not Standing Still
at Huggity
We have many activation ideas that have already been in development and can be adapted for this current climate. Innovation has always been a platform in which Huggity has been built. Our technology and software is primed to react to a situation like this. Here are some of the solutions we have devised for fan engagement and activations in this climate.

AR Landmarks Takeover

We ask fans to point their camera on landmarks around them where can see animations hovering over buildings or locations. We can display athletes, jerseys and almost every other content, which can be captured and reposted on social media.

Using AR technology that allows us to display and geolocate AR elements through the phone’s browser without the use of an app. Fans are asked to access a link to open a page with quick instructions after which the camera is opened.

There are many possibilities for this technology, whether it’s a giant jersey over a stadium, a band in the centre of a city or even a product or tagline, this promotion will bring brand visibility to another level.

AR Game – Treasure Hunt

Based on a known concept of “Pokemon Go” mobile game, our Treasure Hunt is perfect to engage with audiences virtually and deploy activations on a global scale.

This product is ready to go, all we need is a target date, concept and you can be engaging with your base in a matter of weeks.

GigaPhoto – City Hunt

Any brand can take over an entire city for a weekend of even a day. Our technology allows users to zoom around a city scape looking for prizes or hidden icons that can be branded and once found shared by the user on Facebook or Twitter. The social signals are wide reaching and can form the centre piece of any large-scale product launch as each user is playing the game on their own, this essentially means we can place unlimited objects around a city and have unlimited users.

Behind Closed Doors – Our new take on a FanPic

It is looking increasing more likely that in some regions, sport will have to be played in an empty stadium. We have designed a way that fans across all types of sports can support to club through our innovate adaption of our FanPic solution

We take a high definition, 360º image of the stadium, implement our FanPic tagging technology and use it as a foundation of a fan engagement campaign.
One difference is that the stadium is empty, and we allow fans to “take their seat” and add a message of support.

Digital TIFO

You might remember our TIFO mosaic, this was one of our most successful activations which we created for Carlsberg and Irish fans for EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. Every Irish fan who couldn’t make the trip for the finals was encouraged to send in their message of support for the boys in green via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We combined thousands of these messages into one giant flag that fans proudly displayed with them at each Ireland match. The flag itself contained the Ireland colours and crests and on closer inspection, you could see that it was comprised of every message sent in by the fans via digital mediums. The flag got a lot of attention, fans were amplifying their individual messages whilst TV cameras were picking it up during matches.

Huggity is delighted to relaunch the TIFO Mosaic, specifically with this current climate in mind. Our technology can now allow Clubs to display a super high resolution into a virtual stadium, fans can upload their message of support and handle, which will form one part of a giant image which could be a team’s logo, country’s flag or any custom idea.

This is a fantastic way to encourage fans to interact and visit your website for an arranged digital event, Huggity can also collect all the data for your marketing activity.

Global Fan Tribe: Virtual Map

Fan Engagement for a Global Audience

IFollow was an online engagement app originally created by Huggity for the EFL in Britain, with the sole aim of connected a global fanbase with their teams and a way for them to interact with each other.

We are delighted to announce that we are rereleasing IFollow for clubs and organisations that need to find a way of staying in touch with fans but also creating an online virtual community for fans.

Fans upload their location details and create a personal profile, wearing the clubs jersey or wearing a scarf and including their messages of support for the team, this is uploaded to the world map image hosted on your site which fans then share on social media.

Anyone can simply click on a tagged part of the map, anywhere on the globe map and see other fans profiles and messages.

This is a great way of engaging fans globally, but also bring your global fanbase together. An engaging experience for the fan and sending out a wide-reaching social signal for the clubs and organisations.

Working on a new idea or would like to use technology to engage your fans better?

We want to hear about your challenges and ideas, our creative team is hungrier than ever, help keep them sane in their pajamas, the bigger the challenge the better!