How To Implement Virtual Reality in Brand Campaigns

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Campaigns, Fan Engagement, Marketing

The biggest benefit of virtual reality for brand campaigns is that you don’t have to invest in expensive technology. VR is one of the rare technologies (positioned towards a drifting trend) where the entire experience can be created using equipment purchased at a local hardware store.

Some of the hardware we’ve used to implement brand campaigns include:


The VIVE is a newer headset already in high demand across the event and experiential space. The HTC, like Oculus Rift, has a 90Hz refresh rate and 360-degree head-tracking technology. This makes it ideal for the events space where you have just minutes to make an impact on visitors. This also reduces the motion sickness so often associated with lower price point devices.

Unlike some headers, HTC VIVE is built specifically for gaming. This makes it very much the go-to piece of technology within this field and it’s become the preferred platform for a number of our official content partners and software developers.

Oculus Rift and Brand Campaigns

The Oculus Rift is a great choice for higher-duty VR campaigns, remaining at a mid-to-high end entry point budget. This device has a slightly larger optical lens and faster refresh rate than the Samsung VR. Oculus is a tethered experience, which is a slight limitation (no walking around the stage bumping into things!). However, in terms of performance, Oculus Rift provides a buttery-soft refresh of content making the overall experience feel more realistic. Many of our clients have opted for the Oculus for this reason, despite the slightly higher price point.


Google Cardboard and Brand Campaigns

This device is a consumable, accessible technology choice for almost any budget. The benefit of the Google Cardboard is that it offers a simple viewer anyone can build or buy. This poses branding opportunities that are easily affordable. The Google Cardboard can easily be used as a the backbone for a fully-branded VR experience that can be paired with apps from Google Play.

Samsung VR and Events

The Samsung VR is one of the most accessible VR headsets for brand campaigns. Wireless, it makes the ideal vehicle for fluid event experiences. Samsung VR is much sleeker than its Oculus counterpart, which is often a requirement for leading brands. The Samsung smartphone used determines the visual experience, so the highest spec available is always recommended.

Within events the demand for virtual reality and augmented reality is growing . VR and AR, like social media enablement and interactive technology before it, will soon be a technology that visitors look for and expect. Within all industries and verticals, not just traditional gaming.

VR is not just about the experience happening from inside of the virtual reality headset. In an event setting you need a buzz built around the experience to gain buy-in from those nearby. Virtual reality should attract attention and make those queuing for a turn feel that the anticipation is worth the wait.

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