2019 was an exciting year for the Huggity team, filled with events, matches and world cups, lots of travel, hectolitres of coffee and some cool innovative tech. We were lucky to work along with some forward-thinking clients and rights holders, which gave us a chance to shape the way brands are perceived by delivering engagement and impactful experiences.

As always, we had the most fun seeing fans interacting with our installations, we engaged runners, rugby, football, cricket or basketball fans making their event day a little bit more special.

Over 50,000 of them during the whole 2019, freezing each experience in time and delivering it as digitalised, branded and shareable memory, which reached over 50 million of their friends on social media – amplifications that created great connections between audiences and our partnering brands.

Join us on the journey where we show you some of our 2019 favourites!

When it comes to delivering global activations, there are is no limit for our team! We’ve enjoyed traveling around the world, creating unique and one of a kind experiences for fans, which left them with great memories.


Euroleague Final Four

  Bilbao, Spain

  May, 2019

Every fan’s dream coming true… We were asked by Euroleague to create a Fan Zone experience that can be really different and surprising… Our idea gave fans an opportunity of performing a Slam Dunk on a trampoline and take the memory with them in the form of a Slow Motion video.

Something not achievable for everyone became possible for every fan at the Euroleague Final Four Fan zone 2019!


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Our favorite videos from the event

Energia Scrum Machine

 Dublin, Ireland

  All year round

We designed a unique matchday experience where you can test your Scrum strength and challenge your friends on Scrum Machine.
The Scrum Machine was designed to measure your strength, compared to a professional rugby player, and the best thing is, we instantly deliver a GIF image to all participants taking part in the experience, so they can share it in social media with a branded frame and their scrum strength percentage.
Everyone can participate and have fun in the challenge; the scrum machine has no age or gender limits!


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Our favorite videos from the event

Great Run Series

 United Kingdom

  All year round

This experiential campaign for the Simplyhealth, sponsor of the Great Run Series is one of the most unique and technologically advanced experiences we created ever….

Rate My Gate was the world-first installation allowing participants to get a Gait Analysis Snapshot within 30 seconds of running on a treadmill, no markers or body attachments required. (Read more about it here!)

In addition to the ‘Rate my Gait’ experience, we had our FanPic taken and roaming photographers with Snappie, taking pictures of the runners after each race.


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To support the campaign we have also delivered three FanPics as part of Simplyheath Great Run Series sponsorship for Great South Run, Great North Run & Great Manchester Run capturing over 150,000 runners in total…

Great Manchester Run
Great North Run
Great South Run
Our favorite pics from the event

Fun Football Festival

 United Kingdom

  All year round

It’s almost a tradition for us! As every year we join with Leo Burnett, to launch amazing Fun Football Festivals, McDonald’s biggest ever grassroots football campaign for kids all over the UK, with the goal of tightening their ties with local communities.

We’ve enjoyed travelling around the UK, capturing epic slo-mo videos of the kids enjoying a KneeSlide experience at outdoor events. It wasn’t an easy one but we can proudly say that we delivered successful activations in 34 different locations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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Our favorite pics from the event

Community Shield Fanzone

 London & Cardiff

  August & October

We also launched McDonald Football Fun Zone, installation with series of football experiences, which is being used at larger matches across UK.

Combining our technology with football challenges, the activities featured four areas including Goalkeeper Diving, Volley Accuracy, Speed of Shot and Head Tennis.

As with all our experiences, we bridged it online by delivering a very unique  ‘Boomerang’ to each participant which also entered into a draw to win a McDonald’s prize.


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Our favorite pics from the event

FIFA / Qatar Airlines
Women’s World Cup FanPic


  July 2019

One of our coolest project of the year was involvement in  FIFA Women’s World Cup, shooting a 360 FanPic for Qatar Airlines from the Opening Ceremony and World Cup Final Match.

We captured over 111,000 football fans and had over 10,000 of them tagging themselves, delivering explosive organic reach for the  FIFA and their sponsor. 


Fans Engaged


Social Amplification


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FANPIC – Our star of the year


SNAPPIE – Capturing Guest Data & Amplifying on Social Media

There’s no doubt that this year has been amazing, and we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring us. We are ready to take the challenge though!