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What people talked about? Ticket pricing! The power of the fans

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Sport Business

Faced with constant increases in ticket prices in the world of football, some clubs are beginning to pay the price with the fans now becoming a little disengaged. For several years, fans complain of the increasing ticket prices, but this time, they no longer agree to let that happen and they are ready to be heard.

In Liverpool, for example, the administration decided to increase prices from £59 to £77. To counter this increase, supporters have decided to leave the stadium in the 77th minute of the match against Sunderland. Results of the protests: the owners backed down and even decided to review some prices down.

Then, in Germany, Borussia Dortmund fans are tired of the high price and the fact that football is increasingly associated with a sport for the wealthy ones. At the quarterfinals game of the German Cup which took place in Stuttgart, BVB’s fans have launched hundreds tennis balls on the pitch as a protest.

Facing this situation, some of the Premier League clubs already accepted to reduce or freeze season tickets for next season as Everton, Sunderland, Arsenal or Chelsea. Furthermore, clubs have recently agreed to impose a cap of £30 on the cost of tickets for away supporters for the next three seasons because away fans have felt that they are being priced out of attending live games.

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