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Top 5 Sponsorship Activations for the Euro 2016

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Fan Engagement, Marketing, Sport Business, Sport Tech


In only a few days, the match between home team France and underdog Romania in the historical Stade de France just north of Paris will kick-off the UEFA Euro Championship, which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest sports events in 2016. And much similar to other sport extravaganzas, the Euro 2016 challenges brands once again to stand out from the masses and present themselves in the best way possible. There surly is tough competition going on between sponsors when it comes to out-shine each other and leave a lasting impression on fans, which encourages the creativity of brands in a great way. In the following, we will look at the 5 most engaging, innovative or simply amazing sponsorship activations ahead of – and during – the Euro 2016.

5. Adidas: Mercury Pack


In their everlasting rivalry for kit supply and sponsorship supremacy, Adidas presents the “Mercury Pack” as answer to Puma’s yellow and pink colored evoPower & evoSpeed boots ahead of the Euro 2016. The chrome colored boots are inspired by the tournament’s trophy, that athlets will eagerly fight for. The different colors at the top respectively represent one of the correlating brand ambassadors. The red X16+ Purechaos is worn by Wales’s attacker Gareth Bale and designed to ensure traction and stability. The green Ace 16+ Purecontrol supports ball control and will be worn by home team star Paul Pogba. World class player Lionel Messi will wear the blue 16+ Pureagility, that delivers performance in speed and agility. The boots were launched in the course of Adidas #FirstNeverFollows campaign and could be seen at the Champions League final in Milan for the first time. In addition, a video was produced, starring Mesut Özil, Suarez and Pogba.


4. Turkish Airlines: Meet Europe’s Best


In course of their sponsorship of the tournament, Turkish Airlines launched their “Meet Europe’s Best” campaign, that encourages fans to upload content of them supporting their team to a microsite using the hashtag #EuropesBest. In the effort to support fan engagement, the company also gives participants the chance to win tickets for flights, accommodation and matches for the Euro 2016. In addition, Turkish Airlines painted a Airbus A330 in the colors of host land France. The plane had its first flight to Paris, where the finals of the Euro 2016 will be held on the 10th of July.

See the microsite here:

3. Carlsberg:  Pubstitutions


Danish brewing company Carlsberg rebrands 19 pubs throughout the UK in a patriotically manner ahead of their Euro 2016 sponsorship activation. As part of the “pubstitution”, boozers in Fulham, Northampton, Newcastle and Cambridge will all become The Three Lions, including new signage showcasing Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy and Joe Hart and will be provided with special glassware for the tournament according to Carlsberg’s slogan “If Carlsberg did …”. The rebranded pubs will be visited by former players and managers such as Terry Venables and Lee Sharpe.

2. Hyundai: Football Heaven


With the “Football Heaven- Fan Dome”, automotive manufacturer Hyundai offers a highly immersive experience for football fans in King’s Cross, London. The “Football Heaven” consists of a giant 360-degree screen system, which surrounds the whole interior of the construction, engaging fans in the football action by reacting in real time to goals, penalty shoots and national anthems during live games. The sponsorship activation is hosted by former Wales Player Vinnie Jones and will see an estimated 45,000 guests watching a total of 45 matches during the Euro 2016.

1. Orange: Orange Sponsors You


French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange takes an approach to fan engagement that is as unique as it is impressive. In course of their “Orange sponsors you” campaign, the brand gives fans the chance to illuminate the world famous Eiffel Tower in the colors of the most supported team. During the Euro 2016, Orange will monitor social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for supportive posts using certain hashtags (e.g. #ENG for England). Ten minutes after the final match of the day has ended, the Eiffel Tower will light up in the colors of the respective nation that saw the highest number of engagement. Orange’s approach is a perfect example on how to drive fan engagement on social media on one hand and how to transform said engagement in a larger than life sponsorship activation on the other.

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