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Top 3: Tech trends for 2016

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Huggity Lab, Sport Tech

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The big trend for 2016 is likely to be Virtual (immersive multimedia) come. Analysts suggest sales of devices could go over 12 million units in 2016 and they will continue to prove their selves in the workplace. The concept of VR and AR offer unique opportunities for consumer entertainment and its ability to immerse fans into an event and enhance their experience, means it has fantastic potential in the sports or entertainment space. That’s why AIG used Oculus Rift to enable fans experience the Haka as if they were on the field with the All Blacks. While, at the American Open, American Express allowed fans to see what it was like to face Maria Sharapova.


International Data Corporation predicts that shipping of wearable devices will increase of 45% in 2016, expect more players to hop on this trend, and expect newer devices to be more capable. Last year, the most common type of wearables were smartwatches like the Apple Watch and the fitness trackers from Fitbit. Soon, these devices will be able to connect directly to the Internet, without needing to link it to a third-party mobile device. For companies, wearables represent a new opportunity for interacting with consumers but also new ways to provide information to employees. If the technology takes off, organizations may soon be at work creating a new generation of mobile apps designed for wearables.

Gesture technology

Gesture-sensing technology uses motion sensors to follows users’ moves. Gesture-based interfaces could provide a fun and engaging way for marketers to physical and digital worlds. This concept could be used to create customizable experiences engaging sports fans leveraging non-touch gesture-based motions. So this year, the progression of gesture technology is one to watch.

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