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Technologies vs successful events in 2016

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Huggity Lab, Sport Tech

Mobile is the norm

Mobile has a bigger and bigger role to play in 2016 and that goes beyond extra engagement, increasing levels of attendance, and keeping participants in the move. It offers a cost-effective way to implement data capturing during the events. Mobile tracking tools can also be used to get a more rounded view of attendees. Data capture became the key ingredient in the way to understand participant behaviour, needs and expectations. The challenge here will be to implement tracking technology in a way that is both cost effective and takes valuable information, while giving the event participant something in return.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing was already huge in 2015, but it will become one of the event industry’s biggest trends for 2016. Finding new and innovative ways to connect and communicate with people is the main objective to meet in the marketing world. One of the best ways to achieve this is for consumers to experience a brand using all five senses. Already this event trend is being adopted by a huge range of companies, small or large, even start-ups and non-profit agencies, as they all have spotted that experiential marketing creates only positive results if it’s well used.

Using drones at events

For last months, drones have been moving quickly into the consumer and business sector. So it’s not surprising that creative and innovative industry as the event industry will find its way to use drones in their practice. One of the most common uses of drones is filming and it provides a completely different perspective and is so much more interactive and exciting. Then drones could be used also as an attraction or as part of the event’s entertaining programme. Drones could be choreographed by a special software and could dance above your audience. Furthermore, the device could deliver brand’ s products into the hands of attendees or dropping off product samples. With all the improvements that could be done, this is definitely a trend to watch.

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