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Fan Engagement Projects – From an idea to a scalable product

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Campaigns, Fan Engagement, Huggity Lab, Marketing, Sport Tech

Off the shelf Experiential & Photo Activation Products allow you to implement easily and on fixed budget.

Agencies creative briefs combined with our tech and experience in engaging fans allow us to deliver the most complex photo activation ideas with optimised user journeys, instant image delivery and reliable cloud solutions.

Our SnappKit Media Activation System which was designed specifically for the on ground activations and InstaServ Platform increase the number of photos taken, ensures reliability and decreases turnaround times and costs.

A lot of our ideas became products which now are used by agencies, brands and venues worldwide. If you are looking for a photo activation idea and only need little rebranding. These are products for you build by Huggity!

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