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Fan experience is our ultimate reward.


A 40 billion pixel image of a crowd taken at an event. It allows fans to find themselves and share their image with family and friends making it powerful fan engagement tool.
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Your photobooth on steroids! Snaps taken by professional photographers available immediately
to view on mobiles, giving fans a chance to share instantly.
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Who we are & why

Inducstry Experience

Fan experience hackers

Fans are always first and we are here for the fans.
We work towards delivering the ultimate fan experience through deep understanding of their passion and by building amazing technologies.

Architects of awesome and useful

Architects of awesome and useful

We build things. For Wows and Ohs.
We love to impress fans with our technologies and give brands a way to get involved in this process and count each goose bump.

Industry Experience

Sport, Music and Digital Fanatics

Never before we could get you so close to the action.
We are users, we live in the world of heros on the field and stage. We experience things we create first hand and perfect it till it’s… well… perfect.

Inducstry Experience

We are your guardian angels

We will guide you. We deliver not only technology, but also take you on the journey on how to use it in the most effective way. So you never feel alone.

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